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At Al-Aqsa Farm, we take pride in providing high-quality, certified Halal meat to our valued customers. Our farm is committed to following the strictest Halal practices, ensuring that our meat is not only delicious but also prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.

Here at Al-Aqsa Farm, we believe in the importance of ethical and sustainable farming practices. Our animals are raised in a natural and humane environment, where they have access to fresh air, clean water, and ample space to roam. We prioritize their well-being and ensure that they are treated with care and respect throughout their lives.

Our commitment to quality begins with the careful selection of our livestock. We work closely with trusted suppliers who share our values and adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare. We only source animals that are healthy, free from antibiotics, and raised on a natural diet. This attention to detail guarantees that our customers receive meat of exceptional quality and taste.

When it comes to the processing and preparation of our Halal meat, we strictly follow the guidelines set forth by Islamic law. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by knowledgeable professionals who understand the importance of Halal practices. Each animal is handled with utmost care and undergoes a thorough Halal slaughter process, ensuring that the meat is Zabiha Halal-certified and meets the expectations of our customers.

We offer a wide range of Halal meat products to cater to diverse culinary preferences. Whether you're looking for premium cuts of beef, succulent lamb, tender chicken, or flavorful goat, we have a variety of options to suit your needs. Our meat is carefully packaged and delivered to maintain its freshness and taste.

Halal Excellence: Al-Aqsa Farm - Where Quality, Ethics, and Faith Come Together

Embrace the Authenticity of Halal Hand slaughtered Meat: Where Quality Meets Islamic Values at Al-Aqsa Farm

Nurturing Livestock, Nourishing Souls: Al-Aqsa Farm - A Revered Halal Meat Farming Legacy

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Hand Slaughtered

About Us

Know About Our Al-Aqsa Farm

Al-Aqsa Farm, established on the 21st of May, 2023, has proudly emerged as a premier destination to fulfill the Halal meat requirements of the people residing in Virginia and throughout the United States in the years to come. We have embarked on this endeavor with a strong commitment to providing high-quality, certified Halal meat that adheres to the strictest Islamic dietary laws.

With our farm's inauguration, we aim to cater to the diverse needs of the Halal meat market by offering a wide range of products. Our primary focus is to serve the people of Virginia, ensuring they have convenient access to premium Halal meat. However, we also aspire to extend our reach across the entire United States, catering to the growing demand for Halal products nationwide.

At Al-Aqsa Farm, we have dedicated ourselves to upholding the highest standards of Halal practices. We prioritize the well-being and ethical treatment of our livestock, employing sustainable farming techniques that ensure their health and happiness. By adhering to meticulous processes and regulations, we guarantee that every cut of meat from Al-Aqsa Farm is Halal-certified, meeting the expectations and requirements of our valued customers.

Our Al-Alqsa-Farm

Experience excellence with our farm's exceptional animals

Best Animal Selection

We choose animals that are healthy, free from diseases, and exhibit optimal physical conditions. Their well-being is of utmost importance to us, and we provide them with a comfortable and natural environment.

Natural Diet

Our animals are raised on a natural diet, which includes a combination of grass, grains, and other nutritious feed. This ensures that they develop strong muscles and results in flavorful and tender meat.

Ethical and Humane Treatment

We believe in treating our animals with care, compassion, and respect. They have access to clean water, fresh air, and ample space to roam freely, promoting their overall well-being.


We strictly avoid the use of antibiotics in the rearing of our animals. This helps to maintain their natural immune systems and ensures that our meat is free from antibiotic residues.

Halal Compliance

Our animals are selected with Halal practices in mind. We adhere to Islamic dietary laws and ensure that our animals undergo proper Halal Hand slaughter, meeting the expectations of our customers who seek Halal-certified meat.

Fresh Meat

Our stringent quality control measures ensure that only the freshest and highest-quality meat makes its way to our customers. We adhere to strict hygiene standards and conduct regular inspections to maintain freshness and safety.

Al-Aqsa Farm

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